May Read Round-Up


Last week was a quiet week from me, but there’s a good reason for that… we’re buying a house! Well, we’re beginning the process of buying a house, and now need to deal with all the un-glamorous parts of buying a house that no one tells you about. Like inspections and appraisals and spending more money than you can even wrap your head around. So my last few weeks have been crammed full of pouring over listings, scheduling showings, and conversations with mortgage consultants and realtors. It’s been chaos!

As a result, May just flew past. It was like I blinked and it was gone. Luckily for me, I had a week long vacation somewhere in all that insanity, and during that time I got some good reading in. So I do have some books to talk about! Just not nearly as many as I’d hoped for, given it being a vacation month, but ah well. Thaaat’s life.

But enough about boring old life stuff, let’s talk about BOOKS.

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