2019 Reading Goals

2019 Reading Goals

Each year, I set myself a pretty simple reading goal through the Goodreads Reading Challenge—just a number of books, no specifics, anything goes. In 2019, I want to be a bit more mindful with my reading choices, putting more focus on reading outside of my comfort zone and not just reading to increase a number. I’ll be tracking my progress in my Passion Planner, and I’ve decided to break my goals down into a few categories: books, comics, games (which I won’t be discussing here), and writing.

Overall Yearly Goals

At the most basic level, here are my goals for 2019, focusing just on target numbers I want to hit:

For books, I want to read 30 total. This year’s goal was 20, and I read over twice as many. I’m confident I can reach this goal, but I’m keeping it simple, because this year I’ll be making a distinction between books and comic books. Which leads me to…

Comic goals! Really, another simple matter of numbers: read 30 comics. Individual issues count. Considering I don’t read a TON of comics right now, 30 is kind of… a lot. This is maybe a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Plus, this year I moved within walking distance of a very well stocked library, so that will prove super helpful in meeting this goal.

My writing goals break down a little further. I’m committing to at least 3 blog posts per week; 5 one-shot/short stories OR comparable length progress on my novel; 10 published pieces on any sites. Again, should be doable, though the creative writing endeavors will prove the most difficult, I think, considering my terrible inability to finish anything.

Specific Book Goals

As I mentioned, I want to try to read a bit more outside of my comfort zone this year, so I’m picking up some other challenges and goals as a result. I plan to attempt the Book Riot Read Harder challenge—and will be setting up a page on the blog for tracking it— which should provide some guidance throughout the year. Other than that, I have a few diversity goals to hit:
– At least 50% of books written by a woman
– At least 10% of books originally written in a language other than English
– So much LGBT+. As much LGBT lit as possible

Specific Comic Goals

I haven’t found a comic specific reading challenge yet, but the Book Riot Read Harder challenge has comic/graphic novel prompts, so there will be some overlap between the two lists. My broader comic goals reflect my book goals:
– At least 50% of comics written by women
– Read 5 comics in translation (originally published in a language other than English)

Writing Goals

I really embraced writing again in 2018, both with this blog, my work for WWAC and Sidequest, and my (rough draft) ongoing fantasy universe, Valravn. I have goals for each of those things:
– 3 blog posts each week; end the year with 60 total posts; post reviews for all books and comic books read as part of the reading goals
– Creative writing: Write 5 complete one-shots; write 50k words of Valravn
– Other writing: 10 pieces published; publish on a new site (!?)

Goals are a tricky things—I’ve talked about reading challenges and how they end up just stressing me out once already—but I’ve made a lot of good progress in 2018 and I really want to keep that up. I plan to post periodic updates to these goals to see how I’m doing, if I’m on track, and evaluate if the goals are still achievable, most likely on a quarterly basis. So, until then, tell me about your New Year’s resolutions. What goals are you setting for yourself, reading or otherwise?

Happy New Year!

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